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YahLives Apparel

Christian Gifts Shirt YahLives Sackcloth Prayer Hoodie

Christian Gifts Shirt YahLives Sackcloth Prayer Hoodie

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Brand: YahLives Apparel

Color: Tan, Brown


  • Christian Clothing
  • Christian Apparel
  • Sackcloth
  • God Lives
  • Invisible zippers
  • YahLives

Product Description

Armor of God YahLives Sackcloth prayer Dashiki hoodie is a rare consoling gem. In biblical times God’s children will wear sackcloth when they were at their wits end. I believe this YahLives sackcloth dashiki will console you and set you free from your bondage when you wear it in prayer as a symbol of repentance and an altar, in the name of Jesus I pray! YahLives! YahLives means God Lives, Christ Lives. Features: Dashiki hoodie, sackcloth body, invisible zippers under the arm and invisible zippers at the lower sides. YahLives means God Lives. Unisex 4XL Supply is limited. There are sizes XL and 2XL available in other listings.

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